Battlefield 2042 Reveal – EA & Dice

The video game developer DICE releases new versions/add ons for their game Battlefield periodically. To promote this, they have shows for journalists, consisting of pre recorded talk show bits with the developers (then some time for the watchers to play the game) and then sometimes a live Q&A with the developers after the game. On this case Swixer helped set up the recording of the talk show with the community manager & game developers for the Battlefield 2042 reveal.

Swixer provided

For this remote-directed multicam global livestream studio show for Battlefield 2042 Reveal Swixer provided full remote production support including: Production Manager/Fixer, crew, location services, talent relations, HMU and on-site Covid testing.

Client: EA & Dice
Production company:Advncr
Genre: Commercial
Year: 2021
Country: Sweden
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