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Spain’s diverse landscapes and attractive subsidies have long held foreign filmmakers in its thrall. It has become one of the most popular filming destinations on the planet.


Spain’s diverse landscapes are one of its key draws for filmmakers, having played the backdrop for everywhere from the desert of the Wild West to the frozen expanses of Siberia. With deserts, mountains, medieval old towns, Islamic palaces, volcanoes, nature parks, tropical areas, lush green coastline and dramatic cliffs, Spain can double up for almost anywhere and any time period.

Its historical heritage is unique, it features castles, medieval towns, windmills, ancient city walls, churches and cathedrals, aqueducts and forts, in contrast with its modern and futuristic architecture that is worldwide well known.

Canary Islands

A Spanish volcanic archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa. Well-known by their black and white-sand beaches. The magic and unique landscapes of the islands have been used in multiple occasions for national and international productions. Costs are not so high compared to the mainland and the variety of nature makes this destination such a diverse location.

Madrid and Barcelona

Two cities that have been a “go to” destination for shoots of any kind. Both are very well connected with any other country in the world. One offers skyscrapers, while the other has the coast. They offer multiple variety of house rentals and have experienced and professional crew who have world with big and small productions of all sorts.


This region in the South of Spain is an incredibly beautiful destination for the industry. It was ruled by the Moorish, a legacy that shows in its architecture. There are places that have become treasures in the film culture. Cities such as Seville, the Tabernas Desert, Granada, Cadiz, welcome palaces, castles, cathedrals and gardens that can not be found anywhere else in Europe.

Other Locations

North of Spain, such as Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia or the Basque Country. These locations are green, wild, rainy and colder. Stunning mountains and a furious ocean, the valleys keep lots of traditions still to this day that are attractive for storytellers.

Balearic Islands: also offer breathtaking landscapes. Known for their beaches, scenic coastlines and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca.

The incredible natural region of Almería such as the Tabernas Desert or the Cabo de Gata National Park would be the perfect set for a western movie.


In Spain you will need to submit permits to film and photograph anything in the public domain. You will need permits from the traffic department and the police traffic authorities. These vary and can be at local, provincial or regional level. Filming above the shore line would also require permits and you would need the environment departments involved too. All of the relevant public bodies have established procedures as Spain welcomes a lot of productions yearly. A minimum of ten working days is highly advisable and certainly allow fore more time (three weeks) if it concerns sensitive environmental areas.


Spain is an ideal location for shooting. The variety of weather attracts filmmakers. From the desert of Almería to the snowcapped Sierra Nevada and Pyrenees, Spain is diverse enough to fill any necessary backdrop. Spain has two archipelagos, the Canary and Balearic Islands. The islands are diverse in fauna and flora, volcanic with dark sand beaches, tropical, with unique mountain ranges and rocks. Far from the barren deserts and the hot and dry landscapes of the south of the country, northern Spain gets much more rainfall, making a lush green landscape and misty setting. 


Foreign companies shooting in Spain get a 30 percent tax rebate (50 percent in the Canary Islands and 35 percent tax credit in Navarra), an incentive that has attracted more and more productions to the country. These incentives apply only to projects over one million euros budget. National shoots and co-productions can also get benefits. Production service companies in the country are key to help when it comes to applying for these benefits.


The country has countless air traffic routes which connect the entire mainland with its islands and the rest of the world. It also has an extensive road and railway network. Spain is a popular destination so one can find very competitive prices to get there.


Thanks to its well-established tourism industry, Spain has a lot to offer. It’s home to a very skilled workforce of everyone from directors and extras to technicians, engineers and camera crew, with solid training and experience in national and international shoots. Local companies will provide production services to make the whole production easier and enjoyable, giving access to locations, providing equipments and materials as well ass incentives and funding.


• Budgets • Call sheet • Crew booking • Equipment booking • Local permits • Location finding •Logistical support • Translation
• Research


• Actors • Directors • Drivers • DoP’s & DP’s • Catering • Film crews • Fixers • Local Producers • Locations • Producing full productions / Parts of productions • Production Managers • Production staff • Remote filming • Sightseeing • Translation • TV crews


• Editing of videos • Post production paperwork • Post production scripts • Translation • Transcription • Voice over artists

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