Swixer FAQ

What countries do you provide service in?

We have our headquarters in Sweden and provide production service in all countries around the world. We have local teams in each country and can tailor shoots for clients who have productions going in several countries.

Can you help us get a filming permit?

Yes we can help obtain filming permits. Depending on the country there are different regulations for when you need a permit and not. In many countries no permits are needed if you’re only shooting hand held and not closing off streets.

What crew do you provide?

Any crew needed – Local producers, production Managers, PA’s, coordinators, DoP’s, Gaffers, Sound Operators, AC’s, DIT, drivers, remote streaming teams, casting directors etc.

Can you help out with remote filming?

Yes! We can provide everything from simple setups with a laptop to a dedicated team with reliable and secure streaming technology. As a result of the pandemic we managed a lot of remote shoots where the shots were almost entirely handled with our local crew.

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