Production services in The Netherlands

Swixer provides Production services for your filming project in The Netherlands. We can help you book crew, assist you with the logistics, find the best locations and more! Our locally based ProducersProduction Managers and Fixers have a great local knowledge and can help manage and coordinate international shoots of any kind. They have experience in both TV-series, branded content, feature films, commercials, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. Most crew are based in Amsterdam but of course we operate and provide production services all across The Netherlands.

Our crew in The Netherlands

Our crew in The Netherlands are highly skilled, flexible and used to working with smaller budgets as well as Hollywood productions of a bigger size. We provide any and all crew needed such as: Line Producers, Fixers, DoP’s, Gaffers, Sound Operators and more. Read more about all the production services we provide in The Netherlands here!

Filming permits in the Netherlands

Filming in the Netherlands is easy and often requires no permit, but the shoot has to be registered with the respective city district. Larger productions (which call for a closed off road, play loud sounds, have a large crew or similar) require a permit. We can help out with applications and all necessary paperworks, should this be needed. If you are uncertain of whether you need a filming permit or not, just drop us an email with info about your shoot and we’ll sort things out for you.

Filming locations in the Netherlands

If you are looking for filming locations in The Netherlands we would say that The Netherlands truly have it all. Big cities like Rotterdam with Europe’s biggest harbor, cosmopolitan and urban architecture, or Amsterdam with modern and historical buildings, streets, canals and bridges! You’ll also find beautiful beaches, The Wadden sea, lighthouses, boating, gardens, historical houses and much more!

The scenery is fascinating: about one third of its land is below sea level, so a unique landscape shaped by dikes, dunes and canals and a lot of its famous windmills were skillfully engineered. When you think of the Netherlands, tulips and other flowers come to mind. You’ll find endless fields of flowers, shining in the most vibrant colors!

The Netherlands have a long tradition of filmmaking and are home to some of the biggest companies in the industry, so a wide variety of experienced & talented crew, talents and studio facilities can be found.


• Budgets • Call sheet • Crew booking • Equipment booking • Local permits • Location finding •Logistical support • Translation
• Research


• Actors • Directors • Drivers • DoP’s & DP’s • Catering • Film crews • Fixers • Local Producers • Locations • Producing full productions / Parts of productions • Production Managers • Production staff • Remote filming • Sightseeing • Translation • TV crews


• Editing of videos • Post production paperwork • Post production scripts • Translation • Transcription • Voice over artists

Some of our favorite filming locations

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