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Ireland is a world-class location for international productions with a highly skilled crew base, three well established large-scale studios, combined with a generous tax credit, and Ireland’s breath-taking scenery make the country a central hub for film, TV and animation production.

Ireland is a film friendly country, with a network of local film offices that will assist you with your film production throughout the entire country, as well as the Inward Production team at Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland.

Troy Studios, in Limerick, Ardmore and Ashford Studios in Wicklow, both within 1 hour drive of Dublin City. The studios combine a rich pool of talent, easy accessibility to many diverse locations into a fully integrated and cost-effective production package.

Given Irelands history, the country is a huge mix of remote landscape with features remaining from eras as far back as the Stone Age, with strong influences from Norman and Anglo-Irish societies in their Castles to Georgian urban buildings, all the way through to Palladian and Rococco country houses and many gothic and Neo- Gothic cathedrals and buildings.

The Island is surrounded by over 1,450km of coastline, the Atlantic Coastline is dotted with many small islands, and the country is dotted with ‘famine houses’, ruins of small stone houses, left idle since the mass exodus of a famine in the mid 1800’s. Closer to Dublin and Wicklow, the East Coast provides many rolling sandy beaches. There are over 80 lighthouses around Irelands coast, suiting both period and modern productions.

Ireland can adapt to accommodate contemporary city life, Dublin being a home to a multitude of International tech companies, the city is populated with ultra-modern buildings and a very impressive financial district along the river Liffey. Dublin is unique in that it is home to Europe’s largest city park, The Phoenix Park comprising 1,750 acres, within walking distance of City Centre.

In the South West, Co. Kerry is host to Irelands first national park, covering 25,425 acres, including the three Killarney lakes, a diverse ecology including the only herd of Red Deer on mainland Ireland and the most extensive covering of Native forest remaining in Ireland, as well as view to the highest mountain peaks in the country.

“…Or the crew, whether it was our costume people, set builders, in Ireland the local crew we worked with worked miracles building sets cantilevered out over 700-foot cliffs! It was just, professionally I don’t know if I’ll ever have an experience that will quite live up to it again”
Rian Johnson, Director of Star Wars “The Last Jedi”

Ireland’s Film Tax Incentive
Ireland offers one of Europe’s most progressive film tax incentives. Section 481 is an investor-based tax incentive which delivers up to 32% of qualifying expenditure.

Projects substantially produced in the regions (outside Dublin/Wicklow and Cork City and County) benefit from or up to 2% uplift subject to specific training related requirements. In 2015 the tax incentive changed from an investor based one to a tax credit and the net benefit to the producer increased from 28% to 32%.

If intending on filming in a public location you will need to obtain appropriate licences from the relevant local authority or any other authority in control of such spaces. It is recommended that the production company informs An Garda Síochána (Guardians of Peace/Police) on all details of filming on the street or in a public place. This includes any staging of crimes, accidents or use of firearms and special effects if they take place in the public domain.

We recommend using a professional Location Manager on your production when filming in Ireland. They will help you to find and secure locations to be used, obtain all fire, police and other governmental permits, and coordinate the logistics for your production. They will also provide a great source of local knowledge. The Location Guild of Ireland list members for your convenience.

“Ireland’s regional film offices proved an invaluable resource throughout the Star Wars: Episode III –
The Last Jedi shoot. From Donegal to Cork, we were offered crucial on-the-ground assistance with access and permits, along with essential local insight. We received an all-inclusive service, complete with discretion and absolute professionalism.”

Mally Chung, Location Manager, Star Wars: Episode 8 – The Last Jedi

Screen Ireland is committed to sustainability goals and can now offer carbon calculation and Albert certification to productions shooting in Ireland.

Irish Crews are experts at making the most of Irish weather, from soft rain, shimmering sun, glistening frost to whistling wind, Ireland is famous for four seasons in one day. We have a mild, temperate climate, with warm summers and mild winters. We’ve always lived off the land and the sea, following the rhythms of the seasons and the weather. So, we’re experts at making the most of life, whatever the weather.

“Ireland has the weather, the landscape and the spotty extras that medieval movies need, the country easily delivers the desired sense of mildewed desolation.” Donald Clarke, Irish Times


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