Production services in Denmark

Swixer can provide local production support all over Denmark. We can help you book crew, find the best locations, assist you with the logistics and more! Our locally based Producers, Production Managers and Fixers have a great local knowledge and can help manage and coordinate international shoots of any kind. They have experience in both TV-series, branded content, feature films, commercials, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. Most crew are based in Copenhagen but we operate and provide production services all across Denmark.

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Filming locations in Denmark

Denmark offers a variety of filming locations and Swixer knows about them all! Architecture, design and bridges is probably what Denmark most famous for, many times thanks to Bjarke Ingels work. You’ll find both modern and classical architecture in Copenhagen but also out in small villages.

Danes focus on sustainability when designing buildings but also in bicycle infrastructure – it’s easy to get around and bike anywhere in Copenhagen. Denmark are also known for The Bridge that connects them with Sweden.

Then we have the food! In Copenhagen and Aarhus you’ll find many Michelin restaurants. Denmark also have great open air food markets and cozy cafés.

Out in the countryside you’ll find nature environments and a breath taking variety of scenic roads, long sandy beaches and chalk cliffs. You’ll also find that there’s a short distance between places when getting around. Have a look at the pictures below to have a glimpse of some of the filming locations Denmark can offer to your project. 

Our crew in Denmark

When filming in Denmark you will find that the Danes are friendly and hardworking people with a refreshing can-do attitude. Experienced crew such as Fixers, producers and technical crew will make sure foreign producers can get the maximum benefit from shooting TV-shows, branded content, commercials or drama in Denmark. The full range of production services available includes help with locations, crew, equipment, casting, studios, aerial filming services, VFX and post production. Our Fixers and producer will help tailor crew and logistics based on your specific needs.

Filming permits in Denmark

Permits in Denmarks is in general easy and it’s also cheap to obtain shooting permits for smaller exterior shoots in, for example, Copenhagen. Interior locations can vary in price.

The climate in Denmark

Denmark has a relatively mild weather and because of the winds the climate is mild for the latitude. In Denmark, it is never far to the nearest coast and this means that the differences in weather and temperature between the seasons are relatively small. The Gulf Stream has a strong influence on the weather and means that Denmark has four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Denmark is in the temperate zone and has an average temperature, seen over the whole year, of 7.7˚C. February is usually the coldest month in Denmark and August is usually the warmest. Winters are generally mild and hazy or windy. Compared to for example Sweden, Denmark receives very little snow during the winters.

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Some of our favorite filming locations

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