Production services in Lithuania

Swixer is your go-to production service company in Lithuania and can help you book locations, crew, logistics and more. Our locally based FixersProducers and Production Managers comes with local knowledge and can help manage and coordinate international shoots of any kind. We have experience in both TV-series, feature films, branded content, commercials, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. Our crew operates and provides production services all across Lithuania.

Fixers, Producers & Local Crew in Lithuania

The Swixer crew in Lithuania has qualified professionals and talent is available at competitive prices. Our teams are used to working in international productions and have extensive experience in film, TV, commercial and events production. Depending on the scale of the production we are happy to provide staff who are trained to do several of the mentioned tasks, so they can cover more than one position on a project where the production allows. Except for fixersproducers and production managers, we can also provide castingcrew and sound operators in Lithuania.

Filming locations in Lithuania

Are you looking for filming spots or crew in Lithuania? Good for you! In Lithuania you’ll find both beautiful cities, amazing landscapes and fascinating historical landmarks. The Old town of the capital Vilnius offers picturesque alleys as well as magnificent squares and charming restaurants. Lithuania also offers many historic sites, magnificent castles and national parks such as the Curonian Spit National Park. Most locations can be reached within a short drive from the Vilnius International airport, making Lithuania an attractive filming destination. With its lush green spaces and cosmopolitan centre, Vilnius strikes the right balance for people looking for inspiration and modern healthy living. With 46% of the territory being a green space, it is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the EU. 

The variety of seasons and weather ensures life in Lithuania makes you experience all four seasons here: in winter, fun in the snow, and in warmer months, active leisure time in nature, by the sea or the many lakes and rivers.

Filming permits in Lithuania

Filming in Lithuania is easy and the permit process is straightforward. Filming on private locations is negotiated directly with the homeowners, while bigger exterior shoots and road closures need to be arranged with the local authorities. One of our experienced location managers will take care of all the necessary applications and make the bureaucratic process fuss-free.

Our crew

The local crews have extensive experience working on international shoots of various scale. If you are looking for skilled English-speaking professionals, a production-friendly environment and a pool of unseen locations and talent, come to lovely Lithuania! We provide: Line Producers, Fixers, Location Managers, DP’s, Gaffers, Sound Operators and more.

The climate in Lithuania

Lithuania has a moderate inland climate with an average temperature between – 5 °C and 18 °C. Around a third of the country is covered by forest, mainly spruce and pine. Mixed forests of oak, elm, hornbeam, linden, maple and ash are also common. Few places in the country reach above an altitude of 200 meters above sea level and the majority of Lithuania lies below 100 meters below sea level. The middle parts of the country are a gently hilly plain landscape with wide river valleys. Along the coast stretches a belt of sand dunes, which in the north face directly towards the Baltic Sea.

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Some of our favorite filming locations

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