Production services in Sweden

If you’re looking to shoot in Sweden and need local production support in terms of crew, locations and logistics and more look no further. Our experienced producers and fixers are used to manage and coordinate international shoots of all kinds:  TV-series, feature films, commercials, branded content, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. We operate all across Sweden and can help tailor crew anywhere.

Fixers, Producers & Local Crew

Sweden has a highly developed ecosystem for both domestic and international production, with professional crews and quality equipment. All crew in Sweden speaks english and are known for being reliable, committed, flexible and well organized. Our Fixers and Producers can help tailor teams for all types of productions and can provide any crew or creatives needed such as: Directors, Production Managers, DP’s, AC’s, gaffers, sound operators, DIT’s and more.

Being a full production service company with offices and branches in several European countries we pried ourselves in providing valuable local knowledge, insight and expertise – no matter the country.


In Sweden you’ll find filming locations such as scenic roads and fields, beautiful nature and of course the thousands of islands that creates the archipelago. Sweden are also known for it’s Scandinavian design, both modern and retro as well as typical architecture, ranging from medieval to contemporary.

In northern Sweden you‘ll find the magical northern lights and snowy winter wonderland landscapes. Stockholm can easily double up as another country and you’ll find locations that look like New York, Paris, Oslo, Copenhagen, London and Shanghai. In the south you’ll find locations such as ”the bridge”, small picturesque villages, wonderful food culture and sustainable areas such as Hyllie. Sweden even got a white tropical looking beach!

Our Location Scouts and Location Managers can help suggest, scout and book locations as well as securing any necessary permits.

Filming permits in Sweden

Obtaining a filming permit in Sweden is easy and you’ll find that you have plenty of locations to pick and choose from. If you are only shooting hand held there’s no need for a permit but if you’re planning to close off streets and/or put down equipment on the ground then you’ll need a permit. We can help out with applications and all necessary paperworks, should this be needed. One should allow 2-3 weeks for the application process.

Should you be uncertain of whether you need a filming permit or not, just drop us a line at and we’ll help you sort things out.

We have also gathered a lot o information in our blog post Filming in Sweden – here’s all you need to know.

The weather in Sweden

Sweden is an elongated country, which means that the climate varies depending on whether you are in the south or the north. The summers in Sweden are about as hot as the summers in North America and Asia at the same northern latitude. The winters in Sweden are, however, much milder than at the corresponding latitude in North America and Asia. During the winter guaranteed natural snow is found up north and here you’ll find miles of scenic winter wonderland locations – just like in the movies.

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• Research


• Actors • Directors • Drivers • DoP’s & DP’s • Catering • Film crews • Fixers • Local Producers • Locations • Producing full productions / Parts of productions • Production Managers • Production staff • Remote filming • Sightseeing • Translation • TV crews


• Editing of videos • Post production paperwork • Post production scripts • Translation • Transcription • Voice over artists

Some of our favorite filming locations

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