Production services in Iceland

In Iceland you will find filming locations that cannot be found anywhere else. The science fiction looking landscape in Iceland has an incredibly varied nature and breathtaking views. This has made Iceland Hollywood’s new favorite playground!

Black sands, imposing glaciers and snow covered mountains, otherworldly lava fields, dreamy waterfalls, lakes and lagoons with floating icebergs, tundra, moors patched with blue ponds, northern lights, steam emitting red and yellow sulphur mountains are scenes of serene beauty. And last but not least the highlands that mother nature rules over. Iceland is popular with sci-fi and fiction as it can portray a post-apocalyptic world but is also used as a stand-in for other countries, including Japan, Norway, Greenland, Russia, Canada, USA and even Italy.

Fixers, producers & local crew

When filming in Iceland you will find that the Icelanders are friendly and hardworking people with a refreshing can-do attitude. Experienced crew such as Fixers, producers and technical crew will make sure foreign producers can get the maximum benefit from shooting TV-shows, branded content, commercials or drama in Iceland. The full range of production services available includes help with locations, crew, equipment, casting, studios, aerial filming services, VFX and post production. Our Fixers and producer will help tailor crew and logistics based on your specific needs.

Filming permits in Iceland

Obtaining a filming permit in Iceland are usually straightforward and in many cases not required. No permits are needed for smaller crews in public places. When stopping traffic, filming on private land or on private property a permit will be required. Our Fixers, Producers and Location Managers can help out with applications and all necessary paperworks, should this be needed.

If you are uncertain of whether you need a filming permit or not, just drop us an email with info about your shoot and we’ll sort things out.

The climate in Iceland

Iceland has a mild climate all year round. The temperature drops in southern Iceland in winter to a minimum of -10°C and in northern Iceland to around -15°C. In summer, the temperature can rise up to 23°C in the south and 24.5°C in the north. Only as much as a quarter of Iceland’s surface is covered by vegetation. The many volcanic eruptions, the sea breeze and the grazing sheep are one of the reasons why Iceland’s nature is barren and actually treeless.


• Budgets • Call sheet • Crew booking • Equipment booking • Local permits • Location finding •Logistical support • Translation
• Research


• Actors • Directors • Drivers • DoP’s & DP’s • Catering • Film crews • Fixers • Local Producers • Locations • Producing full productions / Parts of productions • Production Managers • Production staff • Remote filming • Sightseeing • Translation • TV crews


• Editing of videos • Post production paperwork • Post production scripts • Translation • Transcription • Voice over artists

Some of our favorite filming locations

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