Production services in Georgia

If you’re planning to film in Georgia, we can provide you with production services and help you book crew, locations and logistics. With local awareness and knowledge, combined with rich international experience, our Georgian producers and fixers are demanded professionals on an international scale. 

The production teams that cover the whole Georgia, have experience in creating TV-series, feature films, commercials, branded content, corporate, documentaries as well as still shoots.

Fixers, producers & local crew in Georgia

Georgia has a long history of filmmaking and photography. Here you can find world class professional DOPs, Production Managers, Fixers, assistants, sound operators etc.

By working with Georgians, you get a friendly team of highly skilled professionals that makes the intense work process feel easy, comfortable and fun. Georgians are one of the friendliest people on earth. They are disciplined, efficient, don’t hesitate to go miles extra if needed and put their heart into work. Local crews are usually well-equipped with the most up-to-date filming gear. In case of need, several rental shops are also available. 

Filming locations in Georgia 

Georgia is a small country in the heart of Caucasus. Geographically and culturally so diverse, this small country is like a huge film studio being set up by nature and locals. 

Starting from sub-tropics to the semi-desert, or ever-snowy Caucasus mountains to the alpine lakes that freeze 10 meters deep in winter, from the seaside to the vast fields and vineyards, Georgia can offer it all. 

Here you can see 3000 years old man-made cave-town Uplistsikhe, rock-curved village Vardzia, oldest and deepest natural caves, number of national parks with vast forests, lakes, rivers etc, the highest settled villages in Europe:  Bochorna in Tusheti and Ushguli in Svaneti with its over 200 towers. The whole territory of Ushguli is an open air museum. 

What makes Georgia the best filming destination is that, together with being so versatile, it is also pretty small. This enables production teams to easily and quickly move around, change the scenes and film a variety of backgrounds in a very short time. As an example, it is possible to film skiing/snowy scenes in Svaneti in late spring, and on the same day, just 3- 5 hours drive away, also film summer-like scenes with people already swimming in the Black sea.

On top of that, being located on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is an easily-accessible  filming location for TV crews of many countries. 

Georgia’s liberal visa policy allows most nationalities to enter the country visa free and stay here up to a year- less paperwork equals more comfort. 

Filming permits in Georgia 

Permissions for filming are not needed on streets, unless the filming process disrupts the traffic or cuts the pedestrian passages, or filming takes place in a private property.

In case of need, it takes about 10 business days to obtain most permissions for filming in Georgia. 

Georgia is very safe and has been constantly ranked among top 5 safest countries in the world. 

Georgia is a very attractive filming destination for its accessibility, openness, diversity, low costs, while to a big part of the world, still remaining unknown and therefore less overwhelmed and more welcoming, compared to the famous and obvious locations.   

The Georgian government is working actively to promote Georgia as an attractive filming destination and often offers special programs which allow international TV crews to film in Georgia easier and cheaper. 

As a result, more and more of the world’s top production teams and renowned brands choose Georgia as their filming destination. 


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