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Turkey is blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year, particularly in Antalya where the sun graces the region for nearly nine months. As a country that serves as a cultural bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has long been a melting pot of diverse ethnicities. This rich tapestry of cultures is evident in its architectural styles, showcasing a harmonious blend of Greek, Ottoman, Armenian, Arabic, and European influences. Such varied influences create a versatile backdrop for any film production. Whether it’s the breathtaking beauty of mythical mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, well-preserved national parks, enchanting canyons and caverns, or the whimsical fairy chimneys, Turkey offers a myriad of captivating locations. The country’s ancient cities and countless other treasures add to the allure. With its vast range of options, shooting in Turkey provides filmmakers with the luxury of diverse locations, a multinational cast, and a professional crew, all at highly competitive prices. The exotic, historical, and naturally stunning landscapes make for the perfect backdrop.

Bilingual Crew

Turkey is a producer’s paradise, offering access to a talented bilingual crew for your projects. The popularity of Turkish TV series worldwide has honed the skills of the local crew over decades. The result is a highly professional, efficient, and practical crew capable of working longer days. Moreover, the cost of hiring crew members in Turkey is significantly lower compared to Europe and the UK.

Facilities, Studios & Equipment

Istanbul takes the lead in providing top-notch filming facilities, studios, production services, equipment rentals, and other resources. Consequently, most requirements can be easily fulfilled in Istanbul. Turkey offers remarkably low logistics costs, competitive prices for equipment rentals and skilled labor, and favorable exchange rates for international currencies. This abundance of advantages makes Turkey a goldmine for film professionals, providing peace of mind throughout every phase of production.

Filming Permits

Foreign film producers, directors, and companies wishing to shoot in Turkey must obtain a filming permit from the Directorate General of Cinema. The permit application process is simple and can be completed online. According to regulations, it is mandatory to have at least one producer, company, or fixer who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic involved in the film production during the shooting. With our network, partners and strong connections with local authorities, we can expedite the process of obtaining filming permits for your projects. Typically, commercial permits can be secured within 2-5 days, while dramas and series may take a maximum of 2 weeks, depending on the chosen locations. We are committed to sorting out and assisting with all your filming needs in Turkey.

One for Turkey, Turkey for All – Casting & Doubling other Countries

Thanks to Turkey’s strategic geographical position, international productions find it convenient to film in the country. Serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a wide range of casting choices, including talents with European, Middle Eastern, and Asian appearances. As a home to multicultural and ethnically diverse populations, Turkey provides an abundance of options for international productions. Our Casting Partners and extensive database offer numerous casting choices, facilitating smooth production processes in Turkey with multilingual talents who can cater to diverse language requirements.

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