Eurovision song contest 2024

Welcome to ​​Sweden, the land of stunning landscapes, innovative design and a rich cultural heritage. At Swixer Sweden we are so proud to be the host country for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 and we can’t wait to help you create buzz around the festivities. As the excitement builds up, Swixer stands ready to help you create engaging content, not only in Sweden but also around Europe. 


Invite viewers to get behind-the-scenes of the festivities well in advance! Up until the big day we can help capture the intense preparations, rehearsals and backstage moments of participating artists, allowing fans to witness their journey to the stage. 

Artist Profiles:

Explore the backstories of the artists representing various countries in the Eurovision Song Contest. Through artist profiles, we can highlight their music, personal journeys, and cultural influences. These videos will engage fans, generate anticipation, and foster a deeper connection for the viewers.

Pre-Contest Interviews

Generate buzz and excitement by conducting in-depth interviews with participants before the competition. We can create engaging interview formats that delve into their inspirations, creative visions, and their thoughts on the Eurovision experience. This type of interviews will provide a glimpse into the artists’ personalities, aspirations, and build anticipation for their performances.

Expert Analysis and Commentary

Engage viewers with expert analysis and commentary videos, where music professionals and Eurovision enthusiasts share their thoughts on the performances, staging and overall competition. These videos can give unique perspectives, critical insights, creating a dialogue with the Eurovision community and fostering engagement.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

Capture the excitement of Eurovision fans worldwide by curating and editing their authentic and heartfelt reactions to performances, results and memorable moments. Fan reaction videos are a fantastic way to showcase the emotional impact of the contest and celebrate the diversity of global Eurovision fandom.

These are just examples of what type of content we can help create – feel free to get in touch with us at to discuss your specific needs and where in Europe you need assistance! 

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