Microsoft & Red Cross Campaign

Swixer did service production for TriFilm, sustaining them in four shoots throughout Europe, in Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Norway.

The campaigns included a platform that Microsoft provides to the Red Cross to help people and families reunite after being separated by hardships. We shot interviews and used drones in the beautiful Swedish Island of Gotland, wind turbines in Grenaa, and additional footage in Copenhagen Denmark, Oslo Norway, and Geneva in Switzerland.

As a one stop shop, Swixer was able to provide a smooth and fluent shoot throughout several European Countries.

Swixer provided

The Red Cross production service consisted of full production in all four countries for our client. Including producing, production management, location management, equipment, logistics and transportation.

Client: TriFilm
Production company:Swixer
Genre: Campaign
Year: 2022
Country: Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Switzerland
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