Guy’s Garage – Channel 4 UK

Guy’s Garage on Channel 4 UK is about Guy Martin. A British former motorcycle racer and also a vehicle mechanic who became a television presenter. In July 2017, Martin retired from motorcycle racing and started focusing on transforming iconic road vehicles into racing machines and pits them against the best of the best. In season 1, episode 1 of Guy Martin is working on turning a Volvo 240 Estate into a racer for Sweden’s super-competitive rallycross.


Swixer provided

For Guy’s Garage on Channel 4 UK Swixer provided a local Fixer, a guide, a driver, transportation, hotels, meals & logistics in Sweden.

guys-garage swixer production service
Client: Channel 4 UK
Production company:North One Television
Genre: TV-series
Year: 2021
Country: Sweden
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