Greta Thunberg- Maischberger Interview

Sandra Maischberger did an interview with Greta Thunberg, the icon of the global climate movement. At the age of 15 Greta began to strike in Stockholm for more climate protection. Now she is calling for Germany to let its nuclear power plants run longer: “If they’re already running, I think it would be a mistake to shut them down and turn to coal,” says the now 19-year-old climate activist in a personal interview with Sandra Maischberger.

Swixer provided

For the interview with Greta Thunberg Swixer provided the following: Pre-Production and wrap, a fixer/producer in Sweden, DoP/LightB-Cam, AC, Lights, Sound OP, Hair & Make Up, transportation and meals.

Client: Maischberger
Genre: Interview
Year: 2022
Country: Sweden
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