Engelbert strauss – Joerg zuber studio

Iwona Blecharczyk, together with the winner of the Farmers Cup, Grzegorz and the star of e-sports Pasha Biceps, sets off on an exploratory journey around Katowice and shows the most interesting products available in the store Engelbert strauss.
This was a very fun concept to be a part of, including a highly skilled drone team who specialised in flying indoors. Although a complex and extensive event spread over a number of days, this project was an exciting challenge for us, and the client expected us to support them on many levels, sometimes coming up with new ideas at the last minute. We had to bring some of the equipment and technical crew from other regions of Poland as Katowice did not have the necessary facilities. The store opening was a success for our client.

Swixer provided

For this project we provided the producer, DOP, sound mixer, translator, focus puller, drone team, equipment and accommodation.
We’ve also assisted on these pop up shoots in countries like Italy and Switzerland.
Client: Joerg zuber studio
Genre: Commercial
Year: 2021
Country: Poland
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