DHL photoshoot – Strichpunkt Design

Swixer was the production service company in Norway and worked on a photo and video to support brand identity for DHL. The campaign featured iconic imagery in remote locations in Western Norway, including husky dogs, small fishing villages, electric ferries, and our local producer cast in a key role! For this project the client was Strichpunkt Design and the production company was Agentur Neubauer.

Camera: Kim Kreiser
Styling: Gabriella Opitz
Production: Swixer | Leaderfilms

Swixer provided

For the project with DHL Swixer provided: line producing, production management, casting, location management, logistics and transportation, support crew in Norway.

Client: Strichpunkt Design
Production company:Agentur Neubauer
Genre: Commercial
Year: 2022
Country: Norway
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