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Are you’re looking to shoot in Czech Republic, and need production services – look no further! At Swixer we provide local production support, logistics crew, locations scouting, sound operators and and more. Our experienced producers and fixers are used to manage and coordinate international shoots of all kinds. The fixers and producers in Czech Republic have experience in commercials, TV-series, feature films,branded content, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. We operate all across Czech Republic and can help tailor crew anywhere.

Fixers, producers and local crew in Czech Republic

Crew members from the Czech Republic are very professional, detail-oriented and quality-focused. They have extensive experience with both small projects and big filming sets in various locations and conditions and they can provide you with all the equipment needed. They are able to communicate in fluent English and are very straightforward in negotiating with external providers to ensure all of your needs are met.

About Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a beautiful small country in the heart of Europe that offers a broad variety of filming areas and sceneries thanks to its rich history and diverse landscape. Its strategic location allows to find places filled with high mountains and rocks, wide lakes, sunlit vineyards and dark forests, all in a relatively short driving distance. 

Together with that, Czech cities offer preserved historical monuments, castles and chateaux (with many of them being included on the UNESCO World Heritage List) as well as modern and architecturally interesting districts. Depending on the season, the locations can provide alternating vibes thanks to the cold snowy winters, blooming springs, hot summers and rainy yet colorful autumns. You might recognize them e. g. from Casino Royale, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or The Gray man.

Filming permits in Czech Republic

In Czechia, there is no central authority which issues filming permits at the national level and they are processed by the municipal authorities. It is not hard to get the permits and the local crew can help with all the paperwork, the only vital thing is to start applying for them early. The deadlines and fees depend on the location as well as the private properties permits are processed by the owners individually. The permits are mostly required for bigger sets because filming in public spaces without tripods and static lights are allowed. Drone operations are regulated and the owner needs permission from the Civil Aviation Authority – therefore it is recommended to use those already registered. These can be acquired by the local crew.

Costs and Fundings

Prices in the Czech Republic are fairly budget friendly compared to other European countries, which is further supported by advantageous exchange rates and cash rebates administered by the Czech Film Fund. International film and TV productions can qualify by submitting an application together with a cultural test to get a 20% rebate on local spending and additional rebates on international spending when reaching a minimum expenditure level. Since 2010, by the end of 2021, the program has supported nearly 400 films and TV projects, so our local crew will be able to help with any documents needed.


One of the most popular filming locations in the Czech Republic is its capital, Prague. Thanks to its preserved historical monuments, the city is known as a City of Hundred Spires and is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Apart from the romantic historical city centre, there are other districts which all have their own unique atmosphere and charm. Prague is a pulsing city and the alternating styles it offers to create an opportunity for various types of content making.


Ostrava, the steel heart of the Czech republic is an eastern industrial city and its architecture, including mining towers, furnaces, halls and factory complexes reflects the technological development of the country. Its history of coal mining and iron production leaves the city with majestic industrial monuments and machines together with solitaires of the functionalistic and socialistic-realistic styles. That makes the location ideal for filming e. g. post-communist, post-war, sci-fi or utopian audio-visual works. To this day, Ostrava has been developed into a modern and cultural city bringing new life into its interesting architecture.

Castles and Chateaux

Czech Republic is known for its 2000 castles, chateaux and fortresses which are impressive examples of different architectural styles – starting from the early medieval Romanesque and continuing through centuries until the Art Nouveau. They are situated in all Czech regions and can all be reached by a relatively short drive. Among the most popular ones, there is e. g. the Český Krumlov or Hluboká chateaux in South Bohemia, Karlštejn in the Central Bohemian Region or Lednice-Valtice Complex in Moravia. 

Central European Architecture

Thanks to its rich history, Czechia offers an interesting blend of architectural styles and characteristic filming locations. Its traces started to develop more than one thousand years ago when the Romance rotundas were built and continued by mysterious Gothic structures, Renaissance palaces or Baroque chapels. These were later replaced by the 20th century Art Nouveau and functionalist villas as well as socialist realism or the monuments from the communist era. Thanks to that, there are a number of easily accessible locations offering preserved communist architecture, allowing to film post-communist and post-war pieces. Currently, there is also a new stream of modern architecture and interesting urban districts. 


To conclude, the Czech Republic offers a unique opportunity to film in beautiful and diverse spaces with a characteristic atmosphere. Together with the highly experienced and quality-focused crew, lower prices, funding options and easily accessible permits, it is a popular filming location known from many successful audio-visual pieces.


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