Production services in Portugal

Swixer is your go-to production service company when filming in Portugal and can help you book locations, crew, logistics and more. Our locally based FixersProducers and Production Managers comes with local knowledge and can help manage and coordinate international shoots of any kind. We have experience in both TV-series, feature films, branded content, commercials, documentaries, corporate as well as still shoots. Our crew operates and provides production services all across Portugal.

Fixers, Producers & Local Crew in Portugal

The Swixer crew in Portugal has qualified professionals and talent is available at competitive prices. Portuguese teams are used to working in international productions and have extensive experience in film, TV, commercial and events production. The teams are mostly fluent in English. Spanish and French are also widely spoken. Depending on the scale of the production we are happy to provide staff who are trained to do several of the mentioned tasks, so they can cover more than one position on a project where the production allows. Except for fixers, producers and production managers, we can also provide casting, crew and sound operators in Portugal.

Filming locations in Portugal

Portugal offers everything from beaches, castles, palaces, monuments, impressive old buildings, modern architecture, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, parks, historic villages and walled cities. Portugal’s landscape variety is enormous and includes mountain scenery, forests, gardens, plains, rocky slopes, valleys, caves, rivers, lakes, lagoons and more. Portugal also has a diversity of sceneries within close range. It is possible to travel across Portugal by car in less than 5 hours, from the north to the south. There are also six international airports (Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal, São Miguel and Lajes), five international ports and an accessible rail network. In other words, to travel in  Portugal is very smooth.

Facilities, studios and equipment

Most studios are available in the Lisbon, Porto and Algarve areas, equipped with the latest technology. There are also projects to develop new areas for this purpose, which will provide Portugal with infrastructure capable of meeting the most difficult requirements at an international level. Post-production is mostly located in the Lisbon metropolitan area and in the north region of the country.

When filming in Portugal you always get an affordable cost of living, great hotel offers and high quality cuisine.

Filming permits in Portugal

Generally filming permits are not hard to get in Portugal. For some guidance we recommend reading the following:

The Simulator “Filming in Portugal“, which identifies the administrative procedures for licensing, authorization or prior communication necessary for the production of filming on national territory.

The “Guide to Filming in Portugal“, is intended for all those who want to film in Portugal and will be duly updated whenever deemed necessary.

The “Green Shooting Portugal” Guide, that aims to raise awareness and inform the audio-visual sector on how to follow sustainable environmental practices, leading to greener production models.

Portugal has co-production agreements with more than 60 countries around the world, including all countries with Portuguese as the official language, which represent +250 million Portuguese speakers (such as Brazil, Mozambique and Angola). Portugal also has agreements with countries in Latin America.

Another thing worth mentioning is that according to the Global Peace Index of 2020, Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world.

The climate in Portugal

Long hours of sunshine and clear skies – almost 300 days of sunshine a year and low levels of precipitation, allowing production throughout the year, with great natural light. Average temperature: 16ºC/61°F. Although Portugal has a coastline that faces the Atlantic Ocean, its climate is very much like that of most Mediterranean countries This makes Portugal a country popular to film in if you are depending on a sunny weather.


• Budgets • Call sheet • Crew booking • Equipment booking • Local permits • Location finding •Logistical support • Translation
• Research


• Actors • Directors • Drivers • DoP’s & DP’s • Catering • Film crews • Fixers • Local Producers • Locations • Producing full productions / Parts of productions • Production Managers • Production staff • Remote filming • Sightseeing • Translation • TV crews


• Editing of videos • Post production paperwork • Post production scripts • Translation • Transcription • Voice over artists

Some of our favorite filming locations

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